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Principal's Message

August 2013

Dear Dibert Families,

I want to first welcome new families and send a big thank you to our returning families.  You are our greatest strength and greatest resource.  Together, we can push Dibert and our mission even further.  We are confident as we enter into the 2013-2014 school year that this is going to be a fantastic year.  Below are some highlights we’re looking forward to:

  • Dibert is one of 3 charters in Louisiana to receive a multi-million dollar literacy grant.  This will provide:
    • More resources, interventions and extension curriculum for your children
    • More professional development for teachers
    • More literacy opportunities for parents and families
  • New and increased technology in the classroom (laptops, interactive smart boards, etc.)
  • New and improved assessments to provide better insight on your child’s strengths and needs
  • A stronger communication plan for families
  • Increased teacher to student ratio
  • More enrichment options (foreign language, jazz band, dance, etc.)
  • A growing and experienced staff (notable staff retention)
  • More fun (school-wide talent show, awards ceremonies, Fun-Fridays, etc.)

Dibert is truly a special place. We ask that you continue to stay involved by bringing extra energy and creativity to our school as we continue to strengthen our programs; with this Dibert is bound to realize excellence. 

I hope this brief glimpse of the many exciting initiatives we have planned conveys how much we care for your children and our scholars.  Our doors and hearts are open.  We look forward to a wonderful year ahead.

Respectfully yours, 

Diana Archuleta

School Director, John Dibert Community School


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